( John 1 : 17 ) – The law was given by Moses, But grace and truth came by Jesus Christ .

Greetings brothers and sisters in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ , If you look just above this text message – there’s a Mp3 music player – please use it to listen to the gospel music track that i added to this page to bless you as you read the message that i posted for you below – thanks .

To keep it simple and to the point , what do you think that this verse of scripture is really saying ?.

Well let me enlighten you if i may  –  point # 1- Moses was a servant plus you can give something from a distance and not know anything about the person or people that your giving it to .

Point # 2 – A servant is not family , and can not give you access to family inheritance , or the confidence which comes with family standing .

Point # 3 – Jesus is a son and brings with him family standing with the Father .

Everything that he has also belongs to everyone that comes into the family though him .

Point # 4 – you can not inter into the born again experience  though a servant , only though the Son .

Point # 5 – The Holy Spirit owners the name of the son , which brings you into the power, of the ability of the living God while living in this fallen world .

Brothers and sisters it’s time to stop playing church , and living in fear , not knowing if God is pleased with you , when it’s not about you or me but about Jesus, because for the person that has received him as their Lord and Savior he is now your high priest – in the sight of God , and when God wants to look at you he looks at Jesus because Jesus is now the new you in Gods sight, This is why

1 John 4:17 Because as he is so are we in this world .

The born again believer is so connected with Jesus Christ that as he is so are we in this world . – the bible says the believer is even seated with him in heavenly places – Ephesians 2 : 6

I don’t know about you but i am over the moon happy about it , Let us stop playing church people and start knowing who we are in Christ Jesus .

Evangelist , Robert J Brown